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Alysha is great at demystifying aspects of music production that can feel intimidating. Her workshop boosted my confidence, gave me some concrete ideas to take into my next project, and overall made the idea of recording from home feel much more approachable and exciting.

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With unflinching honesty, Alysha Brilla breaks down her production process in a way that inspires newcomers to music production, while giving new ideas to producers who are not so new. I walked away from the workshop feeling validated and inspired to not feel afraid of experimenting. I HIGHLY recommend!

-Feroza Cayetano / @feroza.cayetano

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-Anjali / @anjaliapp

Alysha's teaching style is so accessible and authentic. You learn more than the details of production -- you learn how to use the tools better to be able to put your heart into the music. I left feeling inspired!


Great opportunity to see Alysha's process of writing and recording. You learn technical and some non technical things along the way. 

-Mayuresh / @mayureshoninsta

-Amy Macdonald / @findnennen

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