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You are an artist

I believe that our nature as human beings is creativity and that we are all born artists. 

We create our homes, our communities, our societies and in many ways during this time, human civilization is largely creating the future of our planet. 

Some of us have dedicated our entire lives to expressing and creating.

We call ourselves "musicians, painters, dancers...artists", but the truth is;


 I believe each time we have a thought it is an opportunity for creativity, each time we speak it is an opportunity for creativity and each time we act, it is an opportunity for creativity. 

To me, creativity is synonymous with autonomy because it implies agency over the many socialized and taught norms we otherwise embody. What is dancing, but intentional movement? What is singing, but intentional tone? What is painting, but intentional placement of colour? Poetry, but intentional speech?


As children, we are almost exclusively creative. The experimentation of our movement, our speech and our interactions mean we are courageously trying new things every minute of everyday. Something as simple as drawing a picture is a thrill for most children; the chance to express and share our individual take on a sun, a flower and a person feels...important. 

Our industrial school system, colonialism and capitalism have simultaneously stripped the majority of people's artistic freedom and commodified it for a select few. We have come to believe that some are singers, some are dancers, some are painters and, well...some are artists. 

I wholeheartedly believe that an artist is someone who takes a critical look at their inner and outer world, has an observation they feel they need to communicate and communicates their insight in an innovative way.

What have you noticed about the world?
What have you learned about yourself?
What would you like to say?

We all have gifts and values to bring forward and we all have a story to tell. 

I believe the healing of the individual self, the healing of the planet and the healing of our collective humanity is activated each time we step into our power as creators. When every voice is valued and children, youth, adults and elders can speak with confidence that they will be heard. When every person, regardless of race, can speak to their experiences especially in relation to ancestral bodies of land and the information they provide us through our bones. 

My many years working with youth in an art as therapy capacity has taught me that if given the right space and encouragement, the beauty that comes from our many varying perspectives, voices, stories and dreams is medicine for all of us. 

We are each other's medicine and when we create, we heal. 

We heal. 

Alysha Brilla
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