By Alysha Brilla

Today I will take flight; both physically and spiritually.

I am going to the birth place of my ancestors. I am going to India.

Though my blood is quite the genetic mosaic, one part of my DNA has pulled hard on me since I was a little girl and now I am finally going to step foot on that land.

My ancestors were nomadic. They were Gujurati's- born and lived in the same place as Gandhi. A slave/indentured labour port on the shores of Gujurat, they were conveniently shipped by the British to Africa, to work on the railroad there. They stayed. My dad was born in Tanzania. His mom and grandmother born in Tanzania. My dad has never actually been to India, but there will always be connection with that place you've never been to.

A homesickness for a place that has never been your home.

Below is a photo of a woman from the Rajasthani/Gujurat area. It's interesting; my great grandfather on my dad's side actually had lighter eyes, too. 

It would take beyond a lifetime for anyone to trace the specific origins of their blood's lineage; as we all come back to one source, but I have no doubt that even on a spiritual level, this trip is going to grant me clarity I've only dreamed about.

Thanking the universe for this opportunity and will take in every sight and sound with gratitude as I study music, yoga and write songs in India.




Alysha Brilla

Photo of a young Rajasthani womyn by Miriam Let'sch


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