By Alysha Brilla


Last night as I was sitting in bed before sleep, I began to trace my thoughts.

Throughout my life I can trace my accomplishments back to myself and the people who helped realize the dream. I can trace the movement back to conversations; either with myself or other people. I can trace those conversations back to thoughts; either in my mind, or another's. I can trace those thoughts back to the thought that came right before it, but I'm not sure I can truly trace the thought back a deeper source; especially when it comes to dreams.

Where does the hope, desire, ambition and conviction of a dream come from?

I'd say it's an amalgamation of the influences and exposure to stimuli and ideas I've had in my conscious lifetime, scrambled together and like a computer, turned out in a 'random' epiphany.

But I don't believe that.

I believe there is an ether from which we draw intuition. There is a collective well from which we pull music, art, creativity and insight. It's so much bigger than any of us, individually.

In the age of information, where we have access to understand so much world history, a multitude of cultures, the way systems of oppression and capital gain function, truths about our planet and our impact as a species, we can know more about each other and where we are living than ever before. It's sometimes overwhelming and still...amazing. We have a perspective that reaches beyond most humans before us and yet, many are encouraged to follow patterns which limit certain groups of people from progressing and also harm our life source, the earth.

I'm reflecting on the holistic nature of Indigenous spirituality in most places of the world; whereby that broad perspective of ultimate connectivity seems to be fundamental knowledge. I feel as thought colonization and the industrial revolution did much to fragment that view and now, with science, we're seeing that it was truth...the whole time. That it is a timeless, universal truth.

Given that I think science and spirituality are one and the same, I see dreams also connected across the planet. I see people who ultimately want more peace, who want more freedom, who want more equity, more art, lifestyles that don't stress the human or the land quite as much...it's a shared dream of so many.

I think the source of that dream goes beyond response to the current state of the world, but is actually our true state and nature. We are meant to live that way. In harmony with ourselves, each other and the planet.

How we can get there is what so many are working on right now.


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