By Alysha Brilla


This past year has been an important one.

So many things have shifted and changed; both in my life and the world at large. In all of the personal and global chaos, songs were still weaving their way into my psyche.

These songs are about the changing tides, but also about anchoring and finding that which connects us to the earth and to source. To be rooted is to stand with a sense of purpose amongst so much which seems meaningless. I have many sad songs inside of me, too, but like the album's cover, with my outstretched hands holding a flower, I wanted to offer feelings of hope and healing; musical medicine.

The song "Centre" features carnatic singer Sridaya Srivatsan and you hear me connecting more to my Indian roots in every song on the album. The music is a fusion, because that's also who I am, to the core.

Thank you to those of you who purchase my album on iTunes today. I am an independent artist who produces her own material, so your support means so much. To those who pre-ordered, I hope you love the rest of the album and to those who are curious as to what the fusion of an artist/producer who loves Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley and Indian music might sound like; check out R•O•O•T•E•D and may the vibes uplift you.


That is my wish.


Alysha Brilla


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