Alysha Brilla at Small Dog Studio, Kitchener Ont.

Twice Juno nominated songwriter/producer Alysha Brilla has completed producing her third full length album, "Human", July 2016.

With over 12 years of experience in recording studios, Brilla has recorded her own music as well as music for other artists and organizations including:

-Bridges To Belonging (
-Indigenizing Post Secondary Education 
-Jazzmyn Bradshaw

Brilla began her media production journey at a young age. A coop at a local studio in highschool gave Alysha experience recording audio and video on specific softwares and a more intermediate idea of how to produce a record. After highschool, Brilla was accepted to Fanshawe's Independent Music Production degree program, but she opted for Humber College's Intro to Jazz music program. 

In 2014, Brilla produced her first full length release, "In My Head" and it was subsequently nominated for a Juno Award. Her follow up release, "Womyn", was also Juno-Nominated.

As one of the few female producers working in the music industry and an artist who has been signed to a major record deal on the other side, Brilla knows full well what it feels like to open your heart and record a project that holds a lot of meaning personally, politically or emotionally. Brilla brings a socially conscious and energetically positive attitude into the studio.

Working out of her own small, but fully functional studio (where her third record, "Human", and "Indigenizing Post Secondary Education" was produced), Brilla is able to make clients feel comfortable and offer them the space and respect they deserve, approaching the process with humility and experience.
Brilla produced/directed "Indigenizing Post Secondary Education".

If you are interested in having a song, poem or project recorded or produced by Alysha Brilla, send an email to