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Dec 13th 2020 1pm EST 'Vocal Recording & Editing Techniques' Workshop open now
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I welcome you to a space that offers music production workshops, music healing sessions and soul filling discussions. Where I will share from start to finish how my music is created and give you a deep, behind the scenes look at my production process. I want to go deeper and share my curiosity, insights and research for the many powerful ways you and I engage with sound and musical frequencies everyday. The big stuff, exploration of ideas and behind the scenes are all here inside of the frequency portal.

Over the years, I have had profound experiences as an artist and music producer where my depth of understanding of
how to create has been equally met with why we create. 

I have come to see, time and time again, that so
many artists, creators and music lovers are craving deeper conversations about music and its life changing impact on our minds, bodies, spirits and the world. We know how powerful it is and how powerful it can be. Social media has given me a chance to share little windows with you, but I want to share more. Much, much more.

If you are curious about my artistic process, beginning to song-write and produce on your own or have been working with music for years, this is a place where you can be reminded on a daily basis that the journey of an artist is made so much better when we have others to share the deep creation process with; and the process runs deep. I would like to open mine up to you and share what I have learned over the past 17 years of a dedicated artistic life. This is my inner frequency.

This portal will contain blogs, videos and workshops on:

- How I create my music
- My online diary {blog}
- Songwriting
- Music Production
- Sound Healing Sessions
- The Physics of sound 
- The Artistic/Existential mind
- Psychology of the creative mind
- Artist self-care & compassion
- Spirituality and creativity
- Conversations with guests artists and speakers

This space is meant for artists, music producers and fans who would like to support my continued artistic expression while getting a deeper look at what goes into the music I make. Thank you for your interest in my offerings. I look forward to connecting with you in the unlocked part of my website. 

Alysha Brilla
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