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Alysha Brilla facilitates creative songwriting and music production workshops for youth and adults all over the world. Any individual or group of people interested in activating their creative brain can benefit from the therapeutic process of creating a song together. It is a confidence building, group bonding and emotionally therapeutic experience.

Brilla combines her background in Yoga, workshop facilitation and extensive music experience to provide engaging, fun and unforgettable recording experiences.

With her mobile recording studio, Brilla can come to you, wherever you are.

For dates and rate inquiries: info@alyshabrilla.com

Outma Sqilx'W, B.C. with N'we Jinan

Kitchener, Ont with Bridges To Belonging

Mobile Recording Studio

Mary Poppins had a magic bag she brought as she (literally) flew around the world bringing joy where she went. Alysha Brilla has a much more colourful magic bag full of professional audio recording equipment to write and record songs around the world with youth, organizations and people with important things to say. Let's get it on track and make some magic together!

Alysha Brilla's Mobile Recording Studio has travelled with her across Canada and the magic bag would love to come to you.

Music As Therapy

"Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music? No matter what kind it is."

- Louis Armstrong


Music has the power to heal, transform and shift things positively. Music is a globally unifying human expression; an invisible force that manifests as families gathering, communities strengthening and individuals healing themselves. Every culture has a form of it and rhythm and melody have been used in ceremonies, celebrations, births, deaths, coming of ages and healings since the dawn of humanity. 

Psychology Today: Does Music Have Healing Powers?

NCBI: The Effect of Music On The Human Stress Response

DJ Mag: Music Can Reduce Anxiety by up to 65% Study Says

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